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 RP Characters

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PostSubject: RP Characters    Mon Oct 11, 2010 8:10 pm

i gotta say LOVE THIS lol

Name: Naal

Age: Close to 1 million years of age


Location: He is normally found walking along dirt paths or in woods away from civilization he emits a faint sent of charcoal.

Personality: Neutral Naal is normally peaceful he only fights if threatened and will not normally lend a hand either but will if it finds it necessary. people have been known to attack him for fear he is evil or for enjoyment.

Back ground information:Once a guardian of a ancient temple that stood for countless decades it was to keep safe a very powerful artifact after years of being restless he left to wounder the would on his own after he abandoned the temple raiders took it over but could never find the artifact most think it had never existed.

Appearance:Stands on four large dark gray crab like legs that protrude from his abdomen his legs are extremely strong and are able to crush rock and rip past steel his upper half resembles that of a human with pasty white skin and long gray hair his eyes are white with black slits that form the iris and pupil. Ash gray horns come from the back sides of his head and curl towards the front on his back are bone wing like appendages.
Name: Viciouss

Age: over 700 years

Race: Crusnik/Demon

Personality: Primaraly he is neutral he dosent seem to care for fights and he is level headed, during his feeding peried he can go into a blood frenzy if he dosent feed within the 3 days he will attack any vampire in the area with no mercy till knocked to his sences or is satisfied.

Feeding peiod and habbits: Viciouss feeds off the blood of vampires once every 30 nights for 3 nights. Volenteers are welcome no death will occure to the host. (side effects may inclued loss of vampiric powers for a sertain amount of time weakness and maby even nausia. in some cases can even in dorse a sexual sence.)

Description: 7 feet tall Emreld green eyes long white hair geryish skin with tainted gery bat wings on his forarms and hands aswell as his lower half is cover in dark octogone shaped metal plates that seems to be inbetted in his flesh.

Background: Viciouss is a 700 year old Crusnik demon who spends most his time in a castle witch sits on a grassy platue. The large grannet stone walls of the castle twinkle in the moon light and the sweet smell of flowers give a almost welcoming feeling to any who lay eyes upon it. Viciouss is rumord to have been in the War of the New Age. (still in progress)

"It took hundreds to kill me yet I slaughtered them by the thousands and as the heavens fell they all knew my name."
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RP Characters
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